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Pistachio Round (Fandoghi)

Pistachio Round (Fandoghi)


Fandoghi, this verity of pistachio has round shape with greater amount of kernel comparing to other verities. It has got its name from hazelnut as it is similar to hazelnut in shape. It normally comes in size 24/26,26/28,28/30 and 30/32 but the most famous one is 30/32 which is the main  pistachio verity that gets exported. Considering the relatively small size, they are more reasonable in terms of price hence favorite type of pistachios in-shell in China market. It being said that around 40% of  total  pistachios production is of  round type.


Naturally open:                                 Closed Shell:                            Mechanically open:

Grade 24/26                                       Grade 24/26                             Grade 24/26

Grade 26/28                                       Grade 26/28                             Grade 26/28

Grade 28/30                                       Grade 28/30                             Grade 28/30

Grade 30/32                                   Grade 30/32                         Grade 30/32


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