“The beneficial and healthy effects of apples on 5 organ systems”

As far back as the medieval Persian physician Avicenna noted the importance of daily use of the apple, highly appreciating its healing power.

The apple tree is considered a toast tree.

There is a famous saying about an apple. “Eat one apple a day, you will not need a doctor.”

Apples are used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology, folk and official medicine.

Apple is a storehouse of vitamins (A, C, E, PP, B1, B2),  minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromine, iodine).

Among the many beneficial properties of apple today, we will mention its positive and healing effect on the 5 organ systems.



1. Apple strengthens the immune system. Rejuvenates. Contains vitamin C, which is the best remedy for infectious diseases, has anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of iodine prevents diseases of the thyroid gland.


2. Apple normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, is a means of preventing tumors of the pancreas and colon. Improves intestinal microflora and prevents constipation. Improves appetite, regulates metabolism. Due to the presence of pectin in apples, which has the ability to bind and remove toxins and harmful substances entering the body, thereby reducing the risk of intestinal tumors.

The presence of boric acid and citric acid in apples promotes digestion.

Apples have dietary properties, reduce blood cholesterol levels and help get rid of obesity and excess weight.


3. It has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Apples rich in iron help increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, are useful in case of anemia. And people with hypertension use the apple, which removes excess water and salt from the body, lowering blood pressure. Frequent consumption of apples prevents the risk of heart attack, the risk of developing atherosclerosis.


4. The presence of phosphorus in apples effectively stimulates the brain (nervous system), is an indispensable element of insomnia, stress, fatigue, it improves memory, and the presence of vitamin A helps improve vision.


5. Apples are also good for the respiratory system, reduce the risk of asthma and prevent other bronchological diseases. Smokers are also advised to use apples regularly, as it removes the toxic substances of tobacco through the respiratory tract.



Thus, the apple was and is considered all over the world, in fairy tales, in many legends, a symbol of fertility, health, eternal youth, immortality, love, temptation, wisdom, beauty, perfection, luxury, peace, secret knowledge. It was the food of the gods through which they receive They were a supernatural force. In the Testament, Adam and Eve tasted the fruit of good and evil forbidden by God, and the apple they recognized as good and evil, that is, they approached God.



So, let’s get to know the world around us, the foods that we use in our daily lives and are free to choose. Choose the healthy and the useful. Use apples a lot today and in general and be healthy, young and happy.