Payment Methods

  1. Our payment terms are as follows The buyer or their agent can visit Iran, inspect the cargo, and make the payment to our Iranian account through an exchange, which is based in the buyer’s country and the buyer can trust it.
  2. The buyer can visit our office in Armenia and pay the amount in cash
  3. Payment can be made as LC in the name of Sally Co. in Armenia.
  4. The amount can be deposited in a bank introduced and acceptable for the seller in the buyer’s country.
  5. The buyer prepays fifty percent (50%) of the invoice amount And the other fifty percent (50%) is paid, when the cargo is loaded and shipping documents, customs clearance documents, and manifest in the name of the buyer company are delivered to the buyer.


The agent of the buyer or the agent of the inspection company on behalf the buyer can be present, observe, and inspect all the phases of purchasing, packaging, and loading.