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Pistachio Jumbo (Kale-Quchi)

Pistachio Jumbo (Kale-Quchi)

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Pistachio Jumbo (Kale-Quchi)

Jumbo pistachios are large which is why they are called jumbo. It Looks almost like round but bigger hence some people call it big round. Kallehgouchi pistachio has a long history in cultivation as its been growing for more than 4000 years. Jumbo pistachios are available in the following sizes: 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, 24-26, and 26-28.

Naturally open:                             Closed Shell:                                      Mechanically open:

Grade 18/20                                   Grade 18/20                                       Grade 18/20

Grade 20/22                                   Grade 20/22                                       Grade 20/22

Grade 22/24                                   Grade 22/24                                       Grade 22/24

Grade 24/26                               Grade 24/26                                   Grade 24/26

When it comes to Pistachio Jumbo, vibrant taste and exceptional quality are undeniable. Harvested from the fertile lands of Iran, these luscious and unique nuts offer a rich, nutty flavor which sets them apart from their competitors. With their noticeably larger size, Pistachio Jumbos bring an added element of luxury and satisfaction to any snacking experience.

The health benefits of Pistachio Jumbo

Pistachio Jumbo and Kale-Quchi not only dazzle the taste buds but also pack a powerful nutritional punch. Pistachios are known for their high protein content, beneficial healthy fats, and abundant fiber, which contribute to improved heart health, weight management, and overall well-being.

Kale-Quchi, on the other hand, provides a plethora of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it an ideal choice for a guilt-free snack.

they are not only a delectable snack but also a nutritious choice. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they provide a wholesome boost to your overall well-being.

Packed with essential nutrients such as protein, fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants, these nuts are a true powerhouse of goodness. Incorporating them into your diet can help boost brain function, and even aid in weight management.

How to use Pistachio Jumbo

  • salads or roasted veggies
  • desserts like cakes and ice cream

First up on our culinary escapade is the tantalizing “Kale-Quchi” salad. By incorporating Pistachio Jumbo into this vibrant green creation, you can transform a simple salad into a symphony of flavors. Each bite will deliver a satisfying crunch and a burst of creamy texture, as the Iranian pistachios effortlessly complement the fresh kale leaves.

But that’s not all. Pistachio Jumbo goes beyond just salads. Imagine sprinkling this extraordinary ingredient over your pasta dishes, adding an irresistible depth of flavor to your creamy alfredo or tangy tomato sauce.

Add a handful of these delectable bits to your ice cream sundae, or mix them into your favorite cookie dough. The result? A symphony of flavors that will leave everyone craving more.

Buying Iranian Pistachio Jumbo online

Handpicked from the finest orchards, these nuts encapsulate centuries-old farming methods, resulting in an unrivaled flavor that transports you to the heart of Iran.

Fall in love with the rich, buttery texture and the distinct taste that sets our Pistachio Jumbo apart from the rest. These gems not only look visually appealing with their emerald green hue but also leave a lasting impression on your taste buds, making them a must-have for pistachio enthusiasts.

When it comes to purchasing Pistachio Jumbos, make sure you opt for a trusted source that prioritizes quality. Iranian pistachios have earned a stellar reputation worldwide, thanks to the country’s rich heritage and ideal climatic conditions for pistachio cultivation. By selecting a supplier that specializes in authentic Iranian pistachios, you can rest assured that you’re indulging in the finest and most flavorful nuts available.

Sally food online store offers an impressive array of vibrant, freshly harvested Pistachio Jumbo that will take your culinary creations to new heights. We take great pride in delivering the finest quality Iranian Pistachio Jumbo straight to your doorstep.

Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that you can relish the taste of nature, while also supporting local Iranian farmers. Indulge in the convenience of doorstep delivery and bring nature’s colorful masterpiece straight to your kitchen. Contact our sales experts to know the daily price of Pistachio Jumbo


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